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Evidently Evelyn

1st June, 2020. 10:18 pm. Bio

I don't know what other people see, Or what they think is love. But I know what it means to me, I fall in love so easily. )

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30th October, 2013. 8:49 pm.

Who: Jordan and Evie
What: Pizza & Quality Time
When: Wednesday Evening
Where: Evie's house

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8th July, 2013. 11:16 am. Thread - Jace & Evie

Who: [info]eviesalvatores & [info]jbdestiny
What: Coffee after PT
When: Backdated to Friday, July 5
Where: Coffeehouse down the block
Warnings: None

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16th June, 2010. 9:34 pm.

So much has happened since I moved to Boston. I don't even know where to begin. The apartment I'm renting smells like the crazy cat lady forgot to change the litter boxes for her 500 cats... ever. And wow! The weather is weird! Hot one day, cold the next. Ugh. Not much to do but smoke and hope to catch a breeze. I need to find a counseling center pretty quickly. I think the most amazing thing though is that Nikolas found me! He's stalking me, I'm pretty sure. He always shows up at the most bizarre times. Yeah, but anyway. He gave me a card for some cleaning crew, so I think, maybe it's legit. I should have known better than to take a suggestion from Nik. It makes me accessible, vulnerable, manipulateable, what have you. He comes busting in to my apartment demanding I shower and dress nice. What a bully. I have no idea what his plans are. I'm not even sure why he's bothering with me. He's the one that left. However, at this point, if it gets me out of that cat piss stinking apartment while they clean it, I'm not going to argue. Much. Plus? Free trip to New York. I could use a proper vacation after uprooting. I've got my cell just in case those job offers or roommate ads come through.

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